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Dinosaurs of 2020

What a crazy year 2020 was! While it zipped past for those who wanted it to go slow, it almost stood still for those who wanted it to quickly pass by. But all this pain and suffering did not happen without a reason. I think I know what that reason is – Dinosaurs!

The epidemic diseases act simplified

The Epidemic Diseases Act simplified

This is the plain English version of The Epidemic Diseases Act which was formulated in 1897 to deal with the outbreak of bubonic plague in Bombay. Since then the Act has been occasionally deployed to control outbreaks of various diseases.

Covid19 and open windows

Covid19 and open windows

Many papers have been written on the topic of bio-aerosols and there seems to a general agreement about the airborne transmission of Covid19. We need to deconstruct various facets of this reality to come up with viable solutions.