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The golden mean principle of design

The world is choking with multiplicity of models and principles. Yet I propose one more – A humane design approach called ‘The golden mean principle of design’. I would resist calling it unique because this is how design was always meant to be.

Heading towards an agri-chaos

People have varied opinion about how the agriculture sector functions, or should function. There are highly politicized standpoints often fueled by myopic understanding of the middle class which believes the world thrives on it taxes.

Life lessons from the Light Combat Aircraft design

Life lessons from the Light Combat Aircraft design

I have no connection with the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) but I know someone who could have been a part of the LCA design team. His refusal to be considered for the LCA cockpit design taught me one of the most important life lessons.

Dinosaurs of 2020

What a crazy year 2020 was! While it zipped past for those who wanted it to go slow, it almost stood still for those who wanted it to quickly pass by. But all this pain and suffering did not happen without a reason. I think I know what that reason is – Dinosaurs!

Is homeschooling legal?

The question about legality of homeschooling is matter of concern for many parents. This issue was not relevant until the RTE Act was enacted in 2009. Let us explore the provisions of the bill to understand the legality of the matter.

The Buddha of Langza

We visited Langza many years ago. And it still feels like yesterday. So many years have passed by but I am still clearly see the Buddha of Langza, sitting cross legged, watching over one of the most amazing villages of the world.