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Poems as films

These short films were made in 1995 as part of my college project. It was a wonderful opportunity to marry my two interests – poetry and film making. So many years have passed by and the idea still excites me.

Living paradox

There are few words that we know well but seldom put to use. For me, oxymoron and paradox are two such words. I have a good connect with the word paradox due to nostalgic reasons. And also because paradoxes in real life are not so amusing.

Seeing justice as done

A heinous crime took place. The perpetrators were convicted and sentenced for life. After fourteen years there was a request for their release. Courts consented. Everything happened within the ambit of law. Except justice!

System of Caste – A hierarchical worldview

We often blame the system for the evil we see around. We believe that the evil is imposed upon us. We seldom stop and ask ourselves – who imposed it? More often than not, we get what we deserve. Be it the government or a social hierarchy. They are nothing but a manifestation of our collective worldview.

The fallacy called remedial law

Every piece of law ensures that constitutional promises are well kept and legal remedies are readily available to the citizens. Then why do we need the remedial laws? Does their existence suggest that the existing legal system has failed to keep its part of the promise?

And God was born!

As a child I used to often wonder about God and had many ifs and buts. I was almost sure that I was not a believer. But I was also unsure about being an atheist. Thankfully there was no urgent need to stake any claim.

The side effects of rejecting the rituals

Rituals are often seen as the remnants of our undesirable past – a baggage which, as a society, we failed to unload. They are often linked with the continuance of many ills that societies face. But it is important that we understand their context prior to rejecting them.

A round trip to Bangalore

Though Bangalore is now to be called Bengaluru, but somehow name changes do not go well with me. These conflicts about nouns are nothing but ploys to distract people. But this note is not about distractions. It is about strange observations.

Strange coincidences and design

People my age grew up in a world of limited choices. Career wise, the primary push was for an engineering or medical degree, and of course the armed forces. How I ended up as a designer is a story of strange coincidences.