Please choose to lose this race my child!

The choice to homeschool was an overwhelming experience for us. Kids were also confused about our decision. As it was rather tough to explain the decision, I ended up writing an ode to homeschooling, telling ourselves why we are doing what we are doing.

Our elder daughter was in class two while younger one was looking forward to entering class one. They were rather enjoying the alternate school. They were too young to understand our decision so we told them that they will have more fun at home. To trump it up we decided to take them for a long vacation to Kashmir so that they can witness and enjoy a snowfall.

Deepti and me had discussed homeschooling at length. In order to outline our vision for homeschooling, I wrote this poem which laid down the principles on which we were to proceed. Over a decade has passed by and this still remains our ode, not only to homeschooling, but to education in general. We share these lines with you as our elder daughter begins her college life today in the college and course of her choice!

The poem was originally written in Hindi, which I later translated to English.

Please choose to lose this race my child!

Listen to your heart that beats within
to sense and experience the world around;
and with the gentle steps of empathy
feel your life as you take your round.

Would beg you to choose to lose my child
rather than run this worthless race;
listen to your heart that beats within,
let the world run ahead at its rapid pace.

There is no worth of a benchmarked life,
strive you must, for love, patience and peace;
I beg you to choose to lose this race my child,
just gather sweet memories and walk with ease!


Please click here to read the original poem in Hindi.

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8 Responses

  1. Vinita Mathew says:

    Beautifully penned, Navin

  2. Gaurav says:

    So beautiful written that it resonates

  3. Akshat says:

    Amazing Poem, I too feel like that. We miss the very point of this life. Probably ur words will keep us attuned to the core self.

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