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2021… phew!

What a crazy year two thousand twenty one was! One hand there was pain, chaos and desperation; on the other hand there was hope and faith. While humanity suffered. Humanity also came together to show that it cares for its fellow beings.

System of Caste – Genesis and Anatomy

In order to understand the issue of caste it is important that we zoom out a bit and discuss the legacy and context of caste oppression. Human history, and present, seems to suggest that the casteism is more of a rule than being an exception.

Three liners – On hope, luck and melancholy

Hope is omnipresent. It exists in everything around us. It exists all the time. If we strive enough, and are lucky, then it transforms into reality. Or else it manifests as melancholy but strangely hope still lingers on in various forms.

Three liners – On love and relationships

These three liners on love and relationships were written over a period of time. They were kind of note to oneself – not written to be shared. But as I share these; I have mildly reworded some of them to align the context.

Three liners – On birds, fishes and spring

Nature carries the burden of all moods. Nature beholds all the life lessons. All the answers are out there in the open. All one needs to do is observe and decipher. This set of six three liners explores life through the lens of nature.