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Three liners – On love and relationships

These three liners on love and relationships were written over a period of time. They were kind of note to oneself – not written to be shared. But as I share these; I have mildly reworded some of them to align the context.

Three liners – On birds, fishes and spring

Nature carries the burden of all moods. Nature beholds all the life lessons. All the answers are out there in the open. All one needs to do is observe and decipher. This set of six three liners explores life through the lens of nature.

The golden mean principle of design

The world is choking with multiplicity of models and principles. Yet I propose one more – A humane design approach called ‘The golden mean principle of design’. I would resist calling it unique because this is how design was always meant to be.

Heading towards an agri-chaos

People have varied opinion about how the agriculture sector functions, or should function. There are highly politicized standpoints often fueled by myopic understanding of the middle class which believes the world thrives on it taxes.