Author: Navin Pangti

Think about it. The mob!

If one is willing, it is not tough to empathise with this stark reality of our times. A reality so real that it has made us numb! A reality that seems to have snatched away our basic ability to reason and think!

Chardham – four questions for the four lanes!

Chardham pilgrimage is an important and integral part of Uttarakhand tourism. An ambitious chardham road renovation project in underway. But at what cost? And for whom? I have four simple questions for which I seek simple answers.

An open letter to Brahmanism

Being born a Brahmin in not a matter of choice, but Brahmanism is. Till now I have failed to put across this point well. But it is an essential dialogue so here I am, trying it again!

The speculative design trap

Creative professionals often come across situations where they are asked to create ‘something’ for ‘free’ so that the project can been awarded to them. Such speculative design exercise is a trap not just for the service providers but also the customers.

I am a second class citizen, legally!

When in distress everyone dials 100. But I cannot. This basic minimum privilege, which every citizen takes for granted, is singularly denied to almost 2/3rd of people living in Uttarakhand. And even the courts acknowledge this illegality.

My son is reading porn

My friend was horrified. He had just discovered a pornographic magazine in his 14-year-old son’s cupboard. “Shit! My son is reading porn”, he exclaimed. His wife stood next to him, almost in tears. And I stood mum, not knowing what to say.