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Think about it. The mob!

If one is willing, it is not tough to empathise with this stark reality of our times. A reality so real that it has made us numb! A reality that seems to have snatched away our basic ability to reason and think!

An open letter to Brahmanism

Being born a Brahmin in not a matter of choice, but Brahmanism is. Till now I have failed to put across this point well. But it is an essential dialogue so here I am, trying it again!

My son is reading porn

My friend was horrified. He had just discovered a pornographic magazine in his 14-year-old son’s cupboard. “Shit! My son is reading porn”, he exclaimed. His wife stood next to him, almost in tears. And I stood mum, not knowing what to say.

Beef Beef

Societal values are not constant. They not only keep changing with time but are also manipulated, to benefit a few. There is no better means than poetry to expose these inherent contradictions within a society.

Ghosts from the past

I always believed that ragging was a blatant abuse of power. But when my turn came, I ended up making mistakes. Creating ghosts that one can choose to ignore but cannot wish away.

Five reasons why men should wash dishes

Five reasons why men should wash dishes

The act of washing dishes not only helps men challenge the gendered roles, but also understand the politics of gender, class hierarchies, internalized patriarchy and classification of work. Plus they get an opportunity to meet themselves.